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Buddard releases The Formative Beers ’91 – ’97 [2012-03-08]

Say hello to The Formative Beers ’91 – ’97, a compilation of 38 remastered Buddard demos from the good old days! The songs were all transferred from cassette tape, carefully restored and then digitally remastered.

You’ll find the album over at www.buddard.com. There you can stream it and buy it in a number of different formats (MP3 320, WAV, FLAC, OGG, …) — Pay what you want, from 0 EUR and up! The album should also appear on Spotify within a couple of weeks. Or you can just grab the torrent (MP3 320, about 295 MB) if you’re so inclined.

The album is of course released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, some rights reserved.

Also, be sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

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Sassathare unleash ‘Lords of Abomination’ [2006-06-06]

Today’s date being what it is, we could hardly resist releasing this old project that’s been lying around for a while now: Sassathare: “Lords of Abomination”. Originally recorded on a 4-track porta studio in 1995, this is probably one of the first examples of industrial black metal ever.

After the original master was lost (someone stole it when we played it at a party and it was probably destroyed), I remixed it from scratch in 1996, giving it a much more unpredictable and dangerous sound. The second master was also lost, but I found it again several years later. I transferred it to hard disk and remastered it last year, and now the time has finally come to unleash it in all its glory. Enjoy!

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Buddard album released [2005-02-10]

The time has finally come to unveil Buddard‘s brand new album: Wish you were beer. Thanks to everyone involved — You know damn well who you are!

The competition is over: The CD goes to Sven Hedberg, who correctly guessed that the image above is an extreme closeup of a pulltab (see album cover).

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Samaadhi releases ‘Mindless’ [2004-09-30]

Today we finally release Samaadhi’s first full length effort, Mindless. It’s been a long journey, more than four years, and we’re really proud of the result.

We’d like to thank everyone who made this project possible: Lage and Patrik for their excellent performances, Fred for coming over for tea and chats every now and then, Alex for lending us equipment, Mankan for his technical advice, and Jesus, Enrique, Martin and Magnus for providing their inspiration.

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Samaadhi releases ‘Oblivion’ [2004-06-01]

Samaadhi’s first EP ‘Oblivion’ is the first release on immaterial music ever! Expect a full album after the summer.

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